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Property Investment

For Investors who are interested to invest in the property in Georgia.

We are offering perfect investment service, which considers to make all market analysis, market research, documentation expertise, repair works management and selling service.

Property Market Research In Tbilisi

Create statistics – Quantity of apartments sold in Tbilisi in past 5 years (breakdown by years);

Research of Tbilisi districts according to sales growth;

Research about more saleable apartments (quantity of rooms, sm2 and type: in process of construction, Black frame, White frame, Green frame);

Research of price changes (by years/months);

Choosing an area for investment.

Analyzing The Chosen Area

Create statistics – Quantity of apartments sold in the chosen area in past 3 years;

Analyze about more saleable apartments (quantity of rooms, sm2 and type: in process of construction, Black frame, White frame, Green frame);

Price volatility over the last 3 years.

Analyzing Building Companies

Quantity of the building companies working in the chosen area;

Sorting building companies by: construction quality, experience, management, capital turnover, working in the chosen area.

Analyzing Of Chosen Company And The Construction Area

expertizing the quality of the building we chose;

expertizing of engineering management of the building company;

expertizing of the building construction processes;

expertizing of construction permissions and documentation;

expertizing of the purchase contract which must be signed between the investor and building


Choosing Of The Investing Property

Analyzing of the investment property, what is the condition and what conversion is possible;

Analyzing of the purchase price / how good the offered price is;

Analyzing deadlines for completion of construction;

Clarify repair expenses;

Clarify repair deadlines;


High-quality photo and video shooting;

Video with detailed information about the object;

Regular posting on all leading websites (,,,,;

Posting on our company Facebook page, which will be shared with the required Facebook

groups and will be boosted to the targeted audience;

Messaging and E-mail campaigns will be implemented for the target audience.

Basic conditions of the Contractual relationship

We ensure the selection of a profitable investment property, based on the above analysis;

The investor secures the purchase of the property, mentioned on his name and finances the repair works;

The investor provides financing for the repair expenses of the purchased property;

We ensure the implementation of repair works of the property;

We will ensure the sale of the renovated property;

The investor guarantees that during one year he/she will not sell the investment property;

We guarantee to the investor of selling the invested property during one year after

purchase and the investor gets back his/her investment and plus extra  __% of the invested


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