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Graduating Students

Are you a student in Georgia?

If you are not a citizen of Georgia and you are studying or you are planning to study in Georgia 

My Expert will help you

  • Pick up at Tbilisi Airport and check in at a pre-selected hotel/hostel

  • Assistance in opening a bank account

  • Assistance to take a Georgian Sim Card for the Phone

  • Assistance in finding accommodation

  • Assistance in all matters related to the university 

  • Getting TRC/ VISA

  • Solve all kinds of Legal issues

  • Free legal consultation

  • Assistance in submitting documentation; 

  • translate documents from English to Georgian and provide a translator

  • Clarify travel issues in the city

  • Free telephone consultation 24/7 

  • supporting to feel safety 

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The real estate experts of My Expert will work only for you and will help you find the real estate you want, both in the form of rent and purchase. We will also assist you in examination and analysis of the legal documentation of the selected real estate, to make sure that no dishonest action is taken by the owner and real estate has no legal problems either.


N19  M.Gurieli Street, Tbilisi, Georgia.



+995 568 716 099

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